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AUREA           IAN            JACK           JAXON


15, 17, 16, 16
libra, gemini, taurus, aquarius
aureaa - kubly - jackgatti - jaxon17


I (Aurea, swagger and cool webmaster) met Jack on instagram in
early 2018. We didn't start talking until December, and then he
made me get letterboxd. Through there we met Jaxon, had some
issues with his goofy ass, and eventually all joined a film
groupchat with Ian via a memepage, Psuqi. We stayed on there
for about 8 months before migrating to discord, where we've
been since March of this year. We're called the Wave Cave
because the first film we watched on call (by we I mean
everyone but me, lol) was Waves (2019).

APRIL 2020